AVI Partners

Bio Digital PC Logo   AVI is Arnouse Digital Devices, Corp (ADDC) premier distributor of the full Arnouse Digital Device product range include the BioDigitalPC® 9BioDigitalPC® 8, and Mobyl Cloud / Mobyl Data Center which is scalable for up to 22 BioDigital PC's to form a server cluster. 

AVI is a registered Cisco partner. AVI currently partners with Cisco in the TelePresence, Cisco IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS) and Connected Safety and Security (IoT) space.


AVI works closely with Cisco to develop our products as Cisco technology becomes available, often undertaking parallel development during Cisco’s product migration process.


AVI is an authorised Cisco Solution Technology Integrator (STI) for the Cisco 5940 ESR, the Cisco 5915 ESR, the Cisco 2020 ESS as part of the AVI Field Ethernet System.

LiveAction   AVI is a registered LiveAction partner. LiveAction is a Application-aware Network Performance Management and QoS Control for Your Next-Generation Cisco Network.
TurbineSync   AVI is the exclusive distributor of TurbineSync