Embedded Computers

AVI offers a product range of Embedded Computers which are offered in an industrial and rugged product enclosure type. These embedded computers have been developed and tested to operate in hostile environments of extreme heat, dust, and vibration and optimised for deployment in Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, and Emergency Humanitarian situations. 

4250 - i7 Embedded Computer

AVI 4250 Rugged Vehicle Computer Intel i7

The AVI 4250 is a Rugged Mobile Computer boasting an Intel i7 processor, with i5 processing options. Configurable for up to 16GB of onboard DDR3 1600mhz SO-DIMM and have VGA, USB and Serial Ports. The operating  system  support  packages  for  the  AVI  4250 available include  Wind River  VxWorks, Linux,  Windows XP  and  Windows  7. This unit is ideal for mobile computing out in the field which is required to operate in extreme heat and hostile environments and with its rugged chassis is suitable for installation in Heavy Vehicles. This unit also operates and has connectivity options with AVI's 4G-LTE Modem Routers and also AVI's Embedded Services Routers & Switches

8430 - Single Board Computer 4G-LTE MIMO WAP

AVI 4250 Rugged Mobile Carputer Vehicle Computer 4G-LTE

The AVI 8430 is an embedded Intel Atom Processor based Single Board Computer (SBC) with inbuilt 4G-LTE modem functionality. This device contains onboard USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet (RJ45) and Serial (RS232 DB9) connectivity. The 8430 is ideal for users who require a onboard computer within a vehicle or other mobile environment for connection directly onto onboard monitoring sensors such as engine or environmental sensors or to allow for data capture directly from an operator to be relayed in real time over 4G to a control centre. This unit is ideal for Mining, Security, Law Enforcement and Light Military Vehicles.