1000 - Deployable Tactical TelePresence Unit

The AVI 1000 Deployable Tactical TelePresence Unit has been specifically designed to bring high-definition video communications to force commanders.  It uses best-of-breed COTS components to provide a portable, stable and reliable communications suite which is specifically designed to meet the needs of theatre commanders. 

The AVI 1000 is designed to be air-transportable and to be setup within one hour of the force headquarters being established.  It uses existing IP infrastructure as the primary communications bearer.  However, thanks to Cisco’s embedded services router, the AVI 1000 also has the ability to seamlessly switch between bearers based on availability and tactical requirements. 

With its low training liability, proven underlying technology and special-purpose enclosures the AVI 1000 lowest possible total cost of ownership at the lowest possible risk. 

AVI’s subject matter experts can also tailor the solution to meet specific operational requirements including:

  • Power management;
  • Communications bearers;
  • Enclosures; and
  • Screen sizes/types

Please Contact Us for a quotation for the AVI 1000 Deployable Tactical Telepresence Video Conferencing Unit for your organisation or do discuss tailoring this product to suit your needs.

AVI 1000 - Cisco ESR Deployable Tactical TelePresence Unit
Cisco STI Integrator Telepresence Video Conferencing
Key Features: 
  • Cisco TelePresence inside
  • High definition 1080p video
  • CD-quality audio
  • 50-inch high definition display
  • Multiple microphones and external speakers