4G-LTE Industrial Modem Routers

AVI offers a product range of 4G-LTE/3G/2G modems in both industrial and rugged enclosures. These 4G-LTE modems have been developed and tested to operate in hostile environments of extreme heat, dust, and vibration. These devices have been developed for applications in Mining, Oil & Gas, Defence, and Emergency Humanitarian. Deployment situations these modems are suited to light vehicles, heavy vehicles, smart metering, SCADA applications, health and environmental monitoring. 

              AVI LTE 9111 - 4G-LTE WAP Router

        AVI LTE 9111 - 4G-LTE WAP Rugged Router



The LTE 9111 is AVI’s 4G-LTE Wi-Fi Modem Router providing Wi-Fi and Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with enhanced 4G MIMO WAN uplink.



AVI 3420 - 4G-LTE MIMO Modem

4G-LTE MIMO Industrial Light Vehicle Modem

AVI 3420 4G-LTE Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) Industrial Modem has been developed for commercial use in fields such as Mining, First Responder, Law Enforcement and Industrial Automation. This is AVI's entry level Industrial Modem and is designed for Machine-to-Machine (M2M) and is ideal for large scale 4G network deployment to connect multiple devices in disparate locations over public or private 4G networks.

AVI 3430 - 4G-LTE WAP Modem

AVI 3430 4G-LTE Industrial Modem with inbuilt Wireless Access Point (WiFi Hotspot) has been developed for use in mobile environments. This modem is ideal for deployment to provide 4G connectivity inside light vehicles and large scale transport fleets. The device contains a Built-in GPS as standard; providing embedded vehicle or asset tracking via web-based solutions or Google Earth. This modem has been developed for Law Enforcement, Emergency Services, Light Military Vehicles and LV Mining Fleets.

AVI 3440 - 4G-LTE MIMO WAP Modem

4G LTE Industrial Modem with WAP & MIMO

The AVI 3440 combines the best features of the 3420 and 3430 AVI 4G-LTE Industrial Modems. This device combines Multiple In Multiple Out (MIMO) technology and the benefit of an inbuilt Wireless Access Point (WiFi Hotspot). This unit is ideal for end users who require the power of MIMO in a mobile environment whilst still providing wireless connectivity within the immediate vacinity of the modem. This unit is the proven choice for Law Enforcement Agencies, Mining Companies and users with MiMO and WAP requirements within an industrial router.

8430 - Single Board Computer 4G-LTE MIMO WAP

4G-LTE Industrial Vehicle Mobile Computer

The AVI 8430 combines the all the 4G-LTE modem functionality of the 3440 with the power of an embedded Intel Atom Processor based Single Board Computer (SBC). This device contains onboard USB 3.0 ports, Ethernet and Serial connectivity. The 8430 is ideal for users who require a onboard computer within a vehicle or other mobile environment for connection directly onto onboard monitoring sensors such as engine or environmental sensors or to allow for data capture directly from the operator to be relayed in real time over 4G to a control centre. This unit is ideal for Mining, Security, Law Enforcement and Light Military Vehicles.

AVI 9530 - 4G-LTE MIMO WAP Modem Router

4G-LTE Ruggedised Heavy Vehicle Modem Router Hotspot

The 9530 is AVI's flagship Rugged Industrial Modem. This unit contains all the functionality and features of the 3440 modem and complimented with a Cisco 5915 Embedded Services Router with IP67 connector options and rated enclosure.This product has been developed to cater for the Mining, Military and Logistics Industries for deployment of 4G in the harshest environments. The AVI 9530 can be mounted in heavy vehicles such as Haul Trucks, Diggers, Dozers or Heavy Military vehicles to provide 4G-LTE communications.